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How we take care of aerial plants

You already know that cute aerial plants do not need soil to live, but at the same time you probably wonder how long they last and what is the best method to take care of these living wonders.
Aerial plants need an airy space, indirect light and water once - twice a week or depending on the humidity conditions in the respective space.
The ideal is indirect light, preferably coming from a window positioned to the East, the next options being West or North. The direct sun can be beneficial for short periods of time, for 1-2 hours, in the early morning or late afternoon, when its rays are already milder. The sun has a very important role in the life and development of aerial plants. If you notice that your plant loses its color, it is possible that it receives too little light. In conclusion, take into account indirect light, combined in the morning or afternoon, with at least one hour of direct light.
Regarding the hydration of aerial plants, they must be watered once - twice a week, by immersing in still or still water for 10-15 minutes. Water them during the day, because in the evening they breathe and keep in mind that depending on the humidity conditions in the house, you can change the frequency and time of immersion. In a house with drier air, you may need to water them twice a week, while in an environment with higher humidity, you can even water them once every 1-2 weeks. After removing them from the water, gently shake off the excess water and let them dry in a ventilated place, such as near an open window.
If you notice that the leaves of aerial plants start to curve in an atypical way, as if they are "squeezing", it means that they need more frequent or longer hydration. Alternatively, in between dives, you can spray them once a day.
Because aerial plants are super cool and holiday friendly, you can go on vacation for two weeks, knowing that when you return, the plants will be waiting for you alive and unharmed. Just water them well, for 30-60 minutes before leaving and once when you return.
Love and observe your aerial plants, and they will reward you with pups that, over time, can end up making other pups in their turn and create a bulwark of plants around the mother plant. Tillandsia blooms only once in its life, this event being a reason for joy for any air plant breeder and not only.
Do not forget that the rule that applies to all plants, regardless of whether they are in the ground or in the air, is that they must be observed. Apart from the information you know, a few minutes a day or once every two or three days are enough to discover and understand what your plants need. In addition, the time spent around the plants is a way to relax and enjoy nature, right at our house.
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