We reinterpret Nature

We are reinventing the way to look at the surrounding plants

We feel happier when we are close to nature, but we have an increasingly urban-crowded life. And as we start to miss nature, we chose to collect and bring fragments of it, closer to us, in the form of minimalist scenes interpreted from nature or even imagined.
Aerial plants are special plants, which, like orchids and other epiphytic plants, do not need soil to live. Due to their rarity, they were almost unknown until recently, but they are becoming more and more popular all over the world, conquering with their minimalist and unusual appearance that gives them a special personality. In addition, they are very resistant, even for the most inexperienced among us.
A unique alternative to classic potted plants, aerial plants open countless possibilities to decorate and arrange any kind of interior, be it at home, at the office or in a cafe. From the desire to bring aerial plants into people's lives, we created the first design products, handmade in Romania, with aerial plants. Decorative accessories, for the home or office, gifts for friends, relatives or colleagues, air plants are considered by some people, "the next best thing" in the world of plants. Unpretentious and with personality, aerial plants will transform any space into an experience.
We work with glass, wood, ceramics and other materials to highlight the beauty of aerial plants and to create a special setting in which to grow and flourish around you. Until now, I have collaborated with architects, designers, advertising agencies and participated in design exhibitions and design fairs in Romania and abroad, among the most important ones being Romanian Design Week 2015, Design your Christmas Bucharest - Graz, Austria, the Competition International Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 – Versailles, France, Architecture Annual.
If you are curious to discover more closely the charm of aerial plants, you can find some of the Aerium products at: Carturesti, Intro, Dizainar and La Maison des Jardins.